MJ Puehse & Company


Over the past six years, Michael has demonstrated the ability to deliver and exceed on his promises.  Sales for our organization have nearly doubled, customer satisfaction is at an all-time high and expenses have been dramatically reduced. Michael's approach to sales and marketing is a winning model for success in any type of business.  Through a highly organized approach, he has been able to increase sales & customer satisfaction while at the same time virtually eliminating travel expenses.  Initially I was not sure if this could be accomplished, but he did it and continues to exceed all expectations!  
Fritz Berghausen, President,  Berghausen Corporation

While Michael was with D.D. Williamson, sales increased dramatically and he developed excellent rapport with his customers. Michael is a high energy, focused individual who will ferret out new customers, listen for their needs and expectations and then work to match your products to their needs. Highest recommendation to anyone interested in associating with him.
Ted Nixon, President and CEO,  D.D. Williamson & Co., Inc.

Michael is organized, energized and recognized in the world of food ingredient sales. In the area of sales and marketing I have yet to see his equal in my 25 years in the industry. 
Owen Parker, Vice President Research & Development,  D.D. Williamson & Co., Inc.

My experience with Michael Puehse has been phenomenal. He simply gets the job done with excellent service, quick turnarounds, and a refreshing personal touch. Highly recommended. 
Troy Tungate, Products & Flavors,  A.M. Todd Company

I've worked with Michael Puehse for several years now in conjunction with our Berghausen purchases.  I have found him to be   most reliable and informative.  Michael never fails to stay in touch with price updates, shipping information and market trends.  More importantly, he stays abreast of my orders and does not hesitate to call if he sees changes in our order pattern. Michael takes a personal as well as professional interest in the companies he services.  I would not hesitate to do business    with him or with any company represents.
Linda Ferrell, Purchasing Manager,  Mastertaste

For the past several years, I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Puehse.  In my position, I work with numerous vendors dealing with several different supplies and he has been the most proactive and helpful. Michael is an honest, can-do type person. 
Michael Tucker, Materials Manager,  Coca-Cola North America

Michael is an outstanding Sales Manager. During the last three years, he has provided our company with outstanding service making it comfortable for me to do business with him from India.  
Dipan Mehta, President,  Mehta Vet Chem

We have now worked with Michael Puehse for many years.  During this time, Michael has provided us with excellent customer attention and support.  Being based in Spain, we have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quickness of his responses and attention to our needs.  Michael is the consummate sales professional!
Juan Martinez, Product Manager Pigments,  Disproquima

I have known Michael Puehse for several years. He is a dedicated, hard working individual who is prompt in his replies to any questions or concerns that I may have. I can recommend him without any reservation as a representative for your company.
Adrian Markowiak, Marketing Manager,  Canada Colors and Chemicals Ltd. 

Michael is extremely dedicated to providing excellent customer service.  He is fun to work with and will respond to your questions quickly and professionally. He helped our company break into some global markets with new and existing products in a short period of time. 
Tom Davlin, Quality Assurance Manager,  Berghausen Corporation 

Michael & I have worked together now for almost two years. The quality of service and support I have received from him has been outstanding. I look forward to continuing the relationship. Keep up the good work. 
Vincent DeLorenzo, General Manager,  Bionetix Canada Corp.

CSL Ltd is an international Blood Products and Biotechnology company of some 10,000 employees.  We have for a number of years been dealing with a U.S.-based raw materials manufacturer.  This interaction has in the past been difficult due to the intercontinental nature of the relationship, somewhat unsatisfactory interactions with their sales & marketing personnel and the small size of our orders.  However, this difficult situation improved dramatically once Michael Puehse took control of the Sales & Marketing for the third party company.  He responded very speedily and most satisfactorily to all of our enquires, regardless of the 17 hour time difference between Melbourne & California.  Of more importance to us, he was very receptive to the initiation of a formal Supply Agreement between CSL Ltd & the third party company, remaining protective of his company's interests while at the same time facilitating the agreement despite the (currently) relatively small order size.  I have been most impressed with his friendliness, responsiveness and professionalism.  It has transformed an interaction which was a chore into a very simple and smoothly running interaction that satisfies both parties.  I do not hesitate to commend his marketing abilities to be of the highest order.
Anthony Stowers, Ph.D., Product Development R&D,  CSL Limited 

Mike is a Champion; he clearly understands that time is perhaps the main factor to obtain a victory and he responds fast, yet thoughtfully, to ensure you obtain what you need! 
Luz Amador, Technical Director,  Engineering & Systems.

I have always found Michael to be professional. He returns calls promptly, follows up on requests thoroughly and is knowledgeable about products he sells. He is honest and dependable. 
Mike Trapp, Technical Sales Representative,  BASF Corporation

I want to first thank you for your past service to Miller Brewing Co.  Although you and I have not had extensive dealings, I do know that over the past couple of years, you have capably worked with my division to meet their needs. I appreciate and value suppliers who are reliable, and deliver the services they promise. As a 30 year member of the Miller Brewing procurement group, I think I'm qualified to state that Miller Brewing is a demanding account. We are not a good fit for every supplier who approaches us wanting to do business. You should feel great satisfaction knowing that you have been a supplier in good standing with Miller. Best of luck Michael.           
Ted Brueggemann, Corporate Purchasing,  Miller Brewing Company

As we have learned, our business friend, Mr. Michael J. Puehse, has launched his own company, MJ Puehse & Company. We know Mr. Puehse from the time he was working for Berghausen Corporation and thank him very much for the always friendly and professional way of cooperation.  We recommend Mr. Puehse as reliable business-partner and wish him lots of success with his own company.
Dirk Begier, Director,  GLOBE CHEMICALS GMBH 

We have been a customer of Michael for a couple of years.  Michael takes the no nonsense approach to business.  He does what he says and he does it in a timely matter.  I  enjoy working with Michael.
Tom Bishop, President,  Blair Milling and Elevator Co. Inc.

In my various dealings with Michael J. Puehse, I have find him to be very prompt, concise and easy to deal with.  When any issues arise, he is quick to respond to them and takes immediate action to resolve the situation.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for executive sales representation.
Dan Houle, Purchasing Manager, Axsys Systems