MJ Puehse & Company


1. What is a Sales & Marketing Partner?
MJ Puehse & Company is a new alternative to traditional salaried sales employees, brokers and distributors. We handle all activities associated with a successful sales cycle.  Far less expensive than the cost of salaried employees and much more focused than brokers and distributors, MJ Puehse & Company will give your company executive-level sales representation and results.

2. What type of client does MJ Puehse & Company represent?

The clients we represent must have what we refer to as the 3 CSFs (critical success factors): high-quality product, competitive pricing and technical support. 

3. What sales strategies do you employ?
99% of all our sales activity is conducted via telephone and email. Our past and continuous sales successes has proven that this strategy is as effective as in-person sales calls, but significantly more cost-effective.  That combined with selling new products to our existing customers ensures our continued success.

4. How many companies does MJ Puehse & Company represent?
We represent a maximum of 5 clients at any given time. This guarantees that each of our clients receive superior representation ensuring sales success.

5. How long before we start receiving orders?

While the answer depends on the type of product you wish to sell, quality, competitiveness and availability, you may receive your first orders within 30 days of signing on as a partner with MJ Puehse & Company.
6. What do you charge for your services?

We offer our services based for a monthly retainer plus commission.  Please call to discuss your specific goals and expectations.