MJ Puehse & Company
The Broker / Employee Alternative


MJ Puehse & Company (est. 2004) is a full-service sales and marketing agency specializing in selling ingredients to food, beverage, nutraceutical and feed manufacturers.  Michael J. Puehse has more than 20 years experience with sales exceeding $140M.  

Our clients are companies who wish to significantly increase sales into the North American market and abroad while reducing expenses.  Simply stated, we
 will successfully introduce or expand your product line.

We are committed to our clients' total success.  To accomplish this, we only represent companies that can offer what we consider to be the 3 CSFs (Critical Success Factors): high-quality products, competitive pricing and excellent technical support.

MJ Puehse & Company is a cost-effective alternative to traditional sales channels.  We deliver executive-level sales representation for less than the cost of employing an entry-level sales representative, yet with a higher level of focus and personal attention than a broker.  Representing no more than 5 clients at any given time, let MJ Puehse & Company help take your company to the next level.